Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Old age can unmask inner strength

Based on: A poetic life written by David Leser in the Australian Women's Weekly (January 2005)

Old age is often associated with loss and loss is often associated with regret. But, as Barbara’s life in this article shows, the loss of even a vital function like eyesight can be the key to an aspect of life that is fulfilling and rewarding. Barbara was able to reach out and touch people because of her blindness. She developed the ability to intuitively understand the emotions and needs of others by developing a hidden resource inside her, something she would never have been able to do if she had not lost her eyesight. Her life can be an inspiration to all those who are growing old with the regret of losing the strength and beauty of youth.

Old age can be a fulfilling place if, like Barbara, we learn to develop unique strengths within us that were unacknowledged earlier. Old age can be the time when the strengths of the spirit become more evident and stronger. Without the inevitable (physical) losses of old age, such inner strengths may never be discovered. When such inner strengths are discovered and strengthened, we develop the ability to look forward to the future with hope instead of looking at the past with regret. 

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